the basic decency of humans

The Seguin Friends of the Library host Noon Book Talks at the library and today’s talk by Dr. Whitney Bischoff was educational, enlightening, and inspirational.   Dr. Bischoff was very inspirational.

Sally’s refers to the Salvation Army soup kitchen.

Author Richard LeMieux was once a wealthy man who lost everything and became one of the homeless people who relied on the kindness of strangers and Sally’s soup kitchen.

Michael Stoops, Executive Director,  National Coalition for the Homeless writes that “Breakfast at Sally’s refutes stereotypes about the homeless.  Anyone reading it will no doubt become more compassionate and empathetic towards homeless people.”

Richard LeMieux is currently writing a book about his dog Willow who died of cancer.

A snippet from the Sally’s:

“The people at my table at lunch were talking about you and Willow,” Matt said.  “You guys are famous.”

“Famous?” I asked skeptically.

“Yeah!  They told me you’re writing a book,” he said.  “They’re all excited about it.  They said it’s about homeless people; they all want to be in it.”

“Well, I’m sorry to disappoint them,” I replied, “but it’s not much of a book, really.  I’ve pretty much given up on it; it was just a dream.  I’ve been writing at picnic tables in parks around town when it’s not raining and when the wind isn’t blowing like this.  But winter’s coming on.  I’ll probably end up throwing it in the dumpster.”

“Hell, you can’t give up now,” the young man said.  “All the people at Sally’s are praying for you.  They’re expecting a book!  The guy they call C — well, he told me about you.  He said that you and your dog have been living in your car for about a year now.”

“More than that, actually,” I said, still clutching Willow tightly inside my coat to warm her up.  But she knew better than I did when she was warm enough, and she wriggled free and hopped into Matt’s lap.


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