day by day

“Your prayer will take countless forms because it is the echo of your life, and a reflection of the inexhaustible light in which God dwells.”
[Rule for a New Monastic Brother]

2 thoughts on “day by day

  1. Our class on prayer is going to be interesting and challenging–differeing personalities, concepts and experiences. It will “stretch” us and help us grow, hopefully.
    I liked the piece on How to Recognize Grace–what a daily challenge and yet so exciting when you do get a glimpse.

  2. I know that the class on prayer will be a good growing spiritual quest – and a class with various personalities just helps a person’s awareness of the many facets of prayer. I like Brother Lawrence’s view of prayer: praying everywhere and in every circumstance (as he was washing the dishes!).
    I jot down little quotes in books and articles I read that ‘speak’ to me (at the time I’m reading them anyway!).
    I neglected to note the source for this one – but I like it: ” . . . you are to stand free and challenging in a world where work has been overrated into a religion and often into a sacred cow . . .”
    I’ve been there – to the extent that when I became immersed in work, it wasn’t always accompanied by prayer. I’ve tried to heed Brother Lawrence’s advice.

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