just me . . .

There is nothing very interesting about me.

My blog is not a truly Personal Blog; nor it is a Business Blog.  It is an aimless blog in which I post about the mundane and sometimes (to me) important events that occur and interest me.

Let me hear from you!

I’m interested in a great many subjects and, selfishly, I will be posting about the various topics that interest me.  Every now and then, someone will happen upon my Aimless Blog who is  interested in the  various mundane things that interest me and I love the connections!

One day I may be concerned about bullying in the schools (I do wish good experiences for my grandchildren); relationships (relationships are complex – and evolving); trivia (fashion, trends, nonsense); national or world news.  Another day I may be in a very wistful mood and whimsey may be interesting to me.

I’m interested in the outward and the inward life; I believe both can be rich and fulfilling.

We all act in different ways; however, I believe we are all interesting and have our stories to tell.

“There is no such thing as a small life.” [Lynn Redgrave]

In other words, I subject my readers (bless the few who happen upon this site!) to whatever I am thinking  on a particular day.

Let me hear from you . . . and what interests you!


I was born in Springer, Colfax County, New Mexico.  Married a Southerner from Louisiana.  We have only lived in three states: New Mexico, Colorado (more than once), Texas (more than once) – and in our retirement years, have settled in Southwest Texas in Seguin.

We love it here; as my husband says: “It fits us like a glove.”

We are the parents of three children – two boys and a girl.  A son and his family live in New York.  A married daughter lives in Denver, Colorado as well as a single son.

We adore our grandchildren (New York and Colorado) and life is good!

2 thoughts on “just me . . .

  1. I understand from your web postings that you are descended from Sarah Elizabeth Butler and David Coslett who had several sets of twins. My grandfather is Beckwith Coslett born 21 Oct 1881 and I am wondering if Isaac Coslet (your father?) was his twin brother. Do you have any clue?
    Beckwith Coslett died in 1953, claremore, rogers county, OK.

    • So pleased to hear from another Coslett cousin! Yes, my grandfather Isaac Ross Coslett was the twin brother of Beckwith. Most interested in sharing and exchanging information!


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