Now this film really brings back some memories!

“Linotype: The Film” is a documentary about Ottmar Mergenthaler’s amazing Linotype typecasting machine and the people who own and love these machines today.

The Roy Record, Roy, New Mexico - ca 1938

"Dutch" - linotype operator extraordinaire

Farmington Daily Times, Farmington, New Mexico


The following article is from The Artesia Daily Press, a New Mexico newspaper (undated, probably about 1956).

RANSOM H. COSLETT, member of the Southern New Mexico Board of Directors, was responsible for most of the installation supervision.  “Dutch,” as he is known in the organization, is ‘almost’ a native of New Mexico, having come to the state when he was six years old.  Dutch has been in the business since 1935 and has been with NMN since it was first established, fulfilling the job of group production director.  Dutch has worked on papers in Springer and Roy, and worked for many years as shop foreman at Tucumcari.   His home at present is in Farmington.  Dutch is a stockholder and a married man with three children.  His brother, Ike, is shop foreman at the Gallup Independent.

Ransom H. “Dutch” Coslett, superintendent of the Tucumcari Daily News, was announced today as the winner of the New Mexico Newspapers’ monthly award for distinguished newspaper service.

Coslett received the award here today from Lincoln O’Brien, president of New Mexico Newspapers, Inc.  O’Brien presented Coslett with a large engraved sterling silver ash tray denoting the award.

Coslett has worked on only three papers since 1933 when he began his career as “printer’s devil” in the back shop of the Roy Record, published by Karl Guthmann.  By strange coincidence it was exactly seven years ago that “Dutch” began working at the Daily News.  Before coming here he worked on the Springer Tribune for four years.  He is rated “steady and dependable” by his associates.  He had two years training in the high school print shop at Roy when the school published its own paper, The Lasso.

He and his wife, the former Elizabeth Caldwell, own their own home at 317 South Adams and are the parents of three children, Hope, 11, Mary Beth, 4, and five months old Billy.

The printing trade “runs in the family” for Coslett’s younger brother Ike has been a member of the Daily News back shop force for six years, less a year in the armed forces during the war.


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