read silently

In the midst of sorrow, there is also joy – joy as we remember moments in the lives of loved ones who have died.  These memories bring us solace as well as happiness.

It was easy to remember joyful moments when we thought of Eddie B. Garcia.  Eddie B. always had a smile on her face and we saw her everywhere, for volunteerism takes on an entirely new meaning when one remembers Eddie B.  She truly served in the community.  She was a joy.

And there is sometimes laughter, even during  moments of solemnity in a Memorial Service.

At the memorial  service for Eddie B. Garcia (which, by the way – had several moments of laughter during some of the Eddie B. Stories), I was reading the Order of Service – sans reading glasses.  Squinting at the small print, a word jumped out at me – a name I thought I recognized.

Me, in a whisper to Hubby, pointing to these words – “Wasn’t this the woman preacher we heard at that thing . . . you know . . . that thing – that event – at the Knights of Columbus Hall?”

Hubby, looking at the words below my pointing finger and then looking up at me – dumbfounded:  “read silently.”


“Read.   Silently.”

Closing my left eye, holding the paper at arm’s length, and reading again, I realize that a person isn’t reading Eddie B’s obituary to us in the chapel.  WE are to read the obituary and we are to READ SILENTLY.

I spent a few moments trying to remember the name of the woman pastor who said a prayer at that thing – you know, the thing – the event  – at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Hubby just sighed, his shoulders shaking with silent laughter.


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