coloring my world

Who doesn’t love to use crayolas and markers??!!

Did you know (I didn’t) that there are 133 different crayola colors??!!

The color Thistle is one of the thirteen colors that have been retired.  I think I miss Thistle.

#FF8243 is Mango Tango and I want to find this crayola and use it daily – anywhere and everywhere.

#30BA8F is Mountain Meadow and I can just see it swirling around Mango Tango in a beautiful dance.

Monday, we will say our Final Goodbyes to Eddie B Garcia and hug her husband James, telling him how much we will miss Eddie B and assure him of our prayers for him and his family.  We will very much miss Eddie B.  We will pray for James and his family.

Seguin will miss Eddie B.

Then, I plan to go to Hobby Lobby and purchase the biggest box of Crayolas I can find and use Mango Tango and Mountain Meadow and #1FCECB Robins Egg Blue and name my friends who are here and my friends whom I will meet again one day in a place that will have the most splendid and beautiful colors imaginable.




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