where does

time go?

And where have I misplaced my Silver Bares calendar??!!

These guys look so different in tuxedos!
Where oh where is my 2007 Silver Bares calendar?

baring all for a good cause - where is the calendar?

Where oh where is the calendar?
They bared all for a very good cause!


2 thoughts on “where does

  1. Terry and I were just talking about time passing. I was reading a book at lunch today, and Terry noticed my underlining certain lines.
    “That must not be a fiction book, if you’re underlining.”
    “No, it’s an old book,” I replied. And then checking the date I had bought it, found that it was 2001.
    “Oh, maybe not as old as I thought,” I said, thinking 2001 was just a couple of years ago.
    “Wait, 2001 was 10 years ago.”
    Oh, my. Where does time go?

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