drivin’ in the city again



10 thoughts on “drivin’ in the city again

  1. Ditto.

    I know I am much older than you; lived in Denver as a young child just before the outbreak of World War II. Remember riding the streetcars (using tokens) with my mother.

    Then lived there on two other separate occasions. Miss the mountains. Miss The Tattered Cover! Miss Racine’s Restaurant and Larimer Square. Red Rocks Amphitheater.

    However, Seguin, Texas, is also a nice fit and we love it here!

    Your photography is amazing! Beautiful.

    • I was telling someone the other day that I miss the Tattered Cover. What a great store. And I had my high school graduation at Red Rocks. Oh man you are bringing back good memories. Colorado is a great place to live. And the mountains…great stuff.

      I haven’t been to Seguin. How hot is it today?


      • Oh, Lord – we have had triple digit days for almost two months, I think. However, at this moment it is only 89 degrees – forecast is for temp to reach 105. hot hot hot

        I remember the Tattered Cover customers helping to bring all of the books from the first little store on 3rd street (I think) to the Cherry Creek site (old department store).

        When we last visited Denver (a few weeks ago), visited theTattered Cover on Colfax – miss that bookstore! Also of course, the Tattered Cover in LoDo. Haven’t been to the Highlands Ranch store.


  2. Red Rocks amphitheater was being built in the 1940s when I was probably about four or five years old. Well, of course the red rocks were there . . . but the amphitheater was built during that time. My dad was working for Gates Rubber Company when we lived in Denver.

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