Troop 4

Brownie Troop 4 – Tucumcari, New Mexico

Back row, left to right:

Carmen Opedocia, Patsy Marie Hale, Marie Clark, Jerry Sue Rusk, Oudia Tredway, Mrs. J. A. Allen, Patricia Ann Sanders, Addie Louise Heffington, Patricia Ann C de Baca, Mary Bonds, Marian Ward, Hope Coslett

Front row, left to right:

Nancy Cherry, Virginia Thaxton, Helen Marie Gordon, Sandra Jernigan, Glenda Jo Morris, Deloris Valverdia, Curbie Fay Crocker, Kay Jernigan, Marilyn Allen, Janice Fullford

The first Brownie-age troop is organized in Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1916.


2 thoughts on “Troop 4

  1. Oh, Hope, what a cute little girl you were! It’s fun to look at pictures from another place and time. I can’t help but notice that every little girl has on a dress. Come to think of it, I don’t think there are any pictures of me in anything other than a dress in all the years I was growing up. But then my picture wasn’t taken every day of my life.

  2. I don’t think I (or any other girl) ever wore anything but dresses to school or meetings such as Girl Scouts of Brownies. We just didn’t do it; but once we were home, off came the dresses – and the three crinoline petticoats (in the 1950s) and on with the pedal pushers or jeans or shorts – and off we went!

    I love seeing these ‘old’ photos – even when I don’t know who is in the photograph!

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