snippets from books

Novalee dreamed of all kinds of houses–two-story houses, log cabins, condominiums, ranch houses–anything fixed to the ground.  She had never lived in a place that didn’t have wheels under it.  She had lived in seven house trailers–one a double-wide, a camping trailer, two mobile homes, a fifth-wheel, a burned Winnebago and a railroad car–part of a motel called the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

. . . But what she didn’t know was that Willy Jack was going to Bakersfield to chop off one of his fingers.  He hadn’t told her the whole story.

He hadn’t told her that a month after J. Paul started to work, he got his thumb cut off in a coupling clamp, an injury for which he received a cash settlement of sixty-five thousand dollars and an additional eight hundred dollars a month for the ret of his life.  J. Paul used the money to buy a quick-lube shop and moved into a townhouse at the edge of a miniature golf course.


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