my very favorite bookstore!

The Tattered Cover Bookstore

The Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, Colorado is my very favorite bookstore!

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2 thoughts on “my very favorite bookstore!

  1. Hope,
    I would have sworn this was the Hope Pees Library in Seguin! Some of the shots look very similar. You look so cute in these pictures, and it is obvious you are in your element! Was this on a recent trip to Denver, and, if so, did you enjoy cooler weather?
    Thanks for sharing. It looks just like a place I would like to go. Have you been to Book People in Austin? It, too, is a really neat bookstore.
    Keep those photos coming…..enjoying them so much.

  2. I’ve not been to the Book People bookstore in Austin (but putting it on my To Visit List!). There are three Tattered Cover Bookstores in Denver: one downtown in what is termed LoDo and one at Highlands Ranch . . . and the one in the photographs – on Colfax Avenue. This bookstore was initially just a small book shop – then moved to a vacant Department Store . . . and is now housed in what used to be a Theatre.

    As you can tell: I love it!! Oh: triple digit temperatures on the drive back to Texas – seems as though it didn’t get below 105 degrees both days as we drove from Colorado to Texas. Parched cornfields, etc. We need rain!!!

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