my way

” Paul [Anka]  first heard the French song, Comme D’habitude, in the summer of 1967 when he was in Europe. Although it had different lyrics and a much different feel, Paul instantly connected with the melody. After running into Frank Sinatra, in Florida, who mentioned retiring sometime soon, he asked Paul when was he going to write something for him…so Paul, determined to do just that, returned to New York, sat down at the piano at 1 a.m. and wrote the song. Five hours later, this seminal composition was finished and was sent to Sinatra. After hearing the song, retiring became a distant memory- ‘My Way,’ went on to become Frank Sinatra’s signature song, and one of the most recognizable songs in the world. ”

I have always said to students that if you really want to know how to speak Shakespeare, Sir John [Gielgud] and Frank Sinatra will teach you.  Because one used to present the whole arc of a speech, and the other presented the whole arc of a song, without any intrusive extreme emphases.

– Judi Dench


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