love your library!

Technology is integrating itself into the library system, not bulldozing it.

Today, more than ever, libraries and librarians are extremely important for the preservation and improvement of our culture.

In fact, technology is revealing that the real work of librarians is not just placing books on bookshelves. Rather, their work involves guiding and educating visitors on how to find information, regardless of whether it is in book or digital form. Technology provides better access to information, but it is a more complex tool, often requiring specialized know-how. This is a librarian’s specialty, as they dedicate themselves to learning the most advanced techniques to help visitors access information effectively.

Library attendance is not falling; to the contrary: it is increasing.

Not everyone has access to the internet (or even has a computer) and not everyone can afford to purchase books.

Cities who are forward-thinking and wanting the best for their communities, are adapting their physical libraries to cultural change.

The U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) is just one among countless groups that study and debate the evolving role of the physical library in the digital age.  In a 2006 symposium the NCLIS created a report that calls for a refining of what physical library space is.  Less like “warehouses,” was one of the conclusions, and more like “intellectual crossroads for working, learning, teaching, and new types of programs.”

Washington State University director of libraries Virginia Steel, is a proponent of maximizing the social and interactive nature of physical library space.  Group study, art exhibits, food and coffee – talking, not whispering; this is the new library.  It’s not obsolete, it’s just changing.

Source:  Will Sherman’s article about the importance of libraries

My dream:  to have a new library in Seguin with

  • modern and improved technology
  •  tons and tons of books
  • a well-stocked Genealogy Section
  • computers easily accessible (as it is: there is always a waiting list – but believe me, folks are willing to wait)
  • meeting rooms for adult and children programs and classes
  • an inviting children’s room with a game area in addition to  books and computers
  • A Teen Room of Their Very Own
  • digital and media educational materials as well as wireless access
  • reading ‘nooks’
  • a meeting room with a fully equipped kitchen
  • hallways adorned with local art (movable and revolving art)
  • a courtyard with benches, chairs, and the visible talent of our Seguin Master Gardeners throughout the yard
  • a workroom that allows more than one person to squeeze through (which is what we now have in our present library)
  • a book drop that allows books to be dropped into the library – not in a Mailbox apparatus outside the building
  • a Friends of the Library Used Book Room – fully stocked and reasonably priced, with a seating area (read while you choose which book to purchase!)

I envision this library in my lifetime.

And dreams can come true, you know!

card catalog (do libraries still have card catalog files??)

I have been very impressed with the libraries in Schertz and also in Canyon Lake; both libraries were planned well.

Check them out!  

Check out our Seguin library!  

Support your library!


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