tracking the Troths

Mary Myrtle TROTH (1894~1938) – My grandmother

·          My Grandmother (died five months before my birth; unfortunately I never knew her – but from the family stories, I understand she was a Gentle and Kind Woman – my mother said she was a “true lady”)

Mary Myrtle TROTH (1894~1938).  Born 3 May 1894~ ~ Going Snake~ Indian Territory~ Oklahoma~  married Isaac Ross COSLETT Sr. 20 Jun 1909~ ~ Centralia~ ~ Oklahoma~  Died 9 Mar 1938~ ~ Roy~ Harding County~ New Mexico~  Buried in  Roy~ Harding County~ New Mexico~

·          My Great Grandfather (when I was pre-school age, my great grandfather Darius Brittain Troth came through Tucumcari, New Mexico to visit us; he was on his way to California and he and my great-grandmother had been divorced for several years)

Darius Brittain TROTH (1869~1962).  Born 2 Jan 1869~ ~ Gosport~ Owen County~ Indiana~  married Susan Elizabeth ‘Susie’ GLENN 20 Oct 1892~ ~ Going Snake~ Indian Territory~ Oklahoma~  married Nona Mildred NELLONS.  Died 28 Jul 1962~ ~ Los Angeles~ ~ California~

·        My Great-Great Grandfather

Hugh Jackson ‘Jack’ TROTH (1837~1912).  Born 6 Nov 1837~ ~ ~ Highland County~ Ohio~  married Elizabeth GREGORY 31 Mar 1859~ ~ ~ Hendricks County~ Indiana~  married Ellen Addelaid ADAMS.  Died 25 Mar 1912~ ~ National Military Home~ ~ Kansas~

·        My 3rd Great Grandfather

Job TROTH (1804~ ).  Born 30 Jul 1804~ ~ ~ Burlington County~ New Jersey~  married Matilda POLAND 13 Sep 1827~ ~ ~ Highland County~ Ohio~  married Matilda POLAND. (Matilda’s ancestry was German; I’ve not had much luck in tracing her family.)

·        My 4th Great Grandfather

William TROTH (1762~1838).  Born 26 Sep 1762~ ~ ~ ~ New Jersey~ Probably Burlington County.  married Elizabeth PHILLIPS 6 Feb 1787~ ~ Philadelphia~ ~ Pennsylvania~  Died 9 Dec 1838~ ~ ~ Highland County~ Ohio~  Buried Hulitt Cemetery~ Paint Township~ Highland CO~ Ohio~

·        My 5th Great Grandfather

Isaac TROTH (1737~1783).  Born 15 Dec 1737~ ~ ~ Probably Evesham County~ Pennsylvania~  married Mary ASSHERTON 7 Feb 1776~ ~ ~ ~ St. Michael’s And Zion Lutheran Church~ Philadelphia.  married Elizabeth LIPPINCOTT 16 Apr 1782~ Christ Church~ Philadelphia~ Pennsylvania.  Died 1783~ New Jersey~

·        My 6th Great Grandfather

Paul TROTH ( ~1738).  married Rebecca HAINES 1731 (app).  Died 1738~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Probably Pennsylvania.

·        My 7th Great Grandfather

William TROTH (1676?~1740).  Born 1676 (app)~ ~ ~ ~ ~ England.  married Elizabeth FIELDS. Died 1740~ ~ Died in the Spring/Evesham~ ~ New Jersey

Quaker Meeting House, circa 1815

My Troth ancestors were of the Quaker persuasion.  The ‘story’ is that Elizabeth Fields’ family objected to her marriage to William Troth, a Quaker, so the couple ‘fled’ to the colonies.

William Troth and Elizabeth Phillips and their  family were among the first of the settlers to go West and the obituary of their daughter, Elizabeth, eloquently describes their arrival in Ohio.

” . . . Her parents were among the earliest settlers of this region, coming from Monmouth County, New Jersey, in 1807.  Her father, William Troth, purchased a woodland farm on the Indian Trail crossing the Rocky Fork near Musset Hole.  Here he built his habitation of logs, and undaunted by the herculean task before him, began clearing his field for cultivation.  Then the country was sparsely settled, and had but recently been abandoned by the Indians whose populous village had stood on the opposite bank of the stream.  Mr. Troth had built his dwelling in that beautiful region now known as Ohio’s wonderland. . . .”

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