an invitation – to stop in

Bus stop invitation!

The code of the road is, if there is anything to eat, eat; if there is a place to sit, sit; if there is a restroom, go.

– Jessica Savitch

2 thoughts on “an invitation – to stop in

  1. I had seen these signs on my last few trips from Houston going back to Los Angeles and back at the beginning of this year we were once again heading that way and decided to stop for gas and rest break. I was amazed. The place lived up to its advertising. The store was huge, clean, and well stocked with for the road snacks and foods. The rest rooms were immense and some of the cleanest I’ve ever seen. I wish there were more places like this for travelers. It’s not often I get excited about a gas station convenience store and rest rooms.

    Tossing It Out

  2. You are right, Lee. I wish there were more places like this. Would you believe we have never stopped at Buc-ee’s – just haven’t been ready to stop when we saw one. But so thankful it is available!

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