tracing the Bridges

1850 – Greene County, Georgia Census


Just can’t ‘get a handle’ on my husband’s Bridges ancestors.  Apparently, this is where the Cherokee lineage comes into play – but I keep hitting that proverbial brick wall.  Can’t stop the search, of course (the research is indeed addictive!).

I *think* that my husband’s 3rd great-grandfather Hardy Bridges was the son of John Bridgers born about 1764, probably in North Carolina and died about 1802 in Hancock (or *maybe* Greene) County, Georgia.  John Bridgers *likely* married Cherry Powell, daughter of Lewis Powell and Martha Thompson.  I *think* the American Indian lineage could be from the Powell line.  I lot of  ‘thinks’ and suppositions thus far.  But hopefully, some of the information will begin to fall into place.

In the above Greene County, Georgia census record, Cherry Powell Bridge(r)s’ was living with her son Hardy and his family and her brother Hugh Powell was also in the household. Cherry’s husband, John Bridgers, obviously died before the 1850 census.

I realize I am not going to find a treasure trove of journals, photos, and records about this family – hoping that other Bridges/Powell researchers can shed some light on my amateurish and incomplete research.  Always happy to share and exchange information about the research.



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