a cooking lesson

Remembering the humor of Justin Wilson . . .

Over Wilson’s career, he released five cookbooks, 27 albums of short stories and an album of Christmas songs. He was host of several cooking programs, including “Louisiana Cookin’.”

He referred to himself as JOOS-tain and became known for the expression: “I ga-ron-tee!” (guarantee), from the Cajun “J’vous garantis.”

“Cajun cooking is the ability to take what you have and create a good dish and season it right,” Wilson told The Associated Press in 1990.

“It isn’t all that hard, but so few people know how to take what they have and put it together and season it properly,” he said. “It’s creative cooking — that’s all it is.”

“I am a gourmet, but I am more of a gourmand,” he explained. “A gourmet is somebody that’s an epicurean. But a gourmand is somebody that’s a P-I-G hog and that’s what I am.” {Source:  Free Republic}

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