getting older

My Aruba Hair

Nora Ephron:  “The hardest thing about writing is writing.”

Nora Ephron refers to the flip of hair on the back of her head, a cowlick-turning-bald spot as an Aruba.  I know exactly what she is talking about!!!


2 thoughts on “getting older

  1. You need to stop worrying about your Aruba hair and start reading library books!! Ha! By the way, I love your hair as well as the photo of you looking in the mirror. Beautiful Hope!!

  2. I viewed a video of Nora Ephron explaining the Aruba Hair ‘thing’ and she said that in the island of Aruba, the wind blows only one way – and the trees thus sway in one direction – and there is a ‘bald’ spot because of this.

    I love it!!

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