Bless the Lord

One of the most important, and often the most difficult, part of prayer is learning to be silent and listen to God.  Continuing the analogy of prayer as a conversation with a close friend, think about how difficult a one-sided relationship is.  When one person does all the talking and fails to listen well it is extremely difficult for a meaningful relationship to develop.

Silence, however, is harder to maintain than a balanced conversation.

Living Faith Day by Day by Debra K. Farrington


2 thoughts on “Bless the Lord

  1. My husband and I are really enjoying the Taize song, Bless the Lord My Soul, that you posted (love Taize worship)–and I’m honored that you read my novel as one of your 52 Books selections.

    You have a beautiful blog. I’ve enjoyed perusing it on several occasions thus far!

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