Support your local library

Thus far in 2011 - DH saved $719 and I saved $806 by borrowing at the library!!

I have borrowed books from libraries since I was a child and am so thankful for the opportunity to do so.  A study about public libraries in Britain states that those who loved libraries as children are now their most articulate supporters.

My children were introduced to the public library before they could read (as was I), for I would check out books and read to them.  My son and daughter have instilled in their children the love of reading and although we buy books, we use the public library to borrow books;  we use reference books, newspapers, and magazines.  Other services available are the loan of CDs, Audio Books, and quite recently electronic books.  There are ongoing classes at the library as well as computers for patrons.

I cannot imagine my life without a public library!

Trivia about DH, he worked in the library while attending Louisiana Tech (of course, this was in the Decimal System Era!).  Shhh – don’t let him know I’m talking about him on my blog!!

Taking advantage of the many benefits of our Seguin-Guadalupe County Library is a win-win situation!


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