my great aunt

My great aunt Pearl Estelle Caldwell was born December 20, 1893 in Locust Grove, Mayes County, Oklahoma and died January 12, 1963 in Greeley, Weld County, Colorado.  She was an amazing woman with a phenomenal memory and I loved hearing her family stories of the ‘old days.’  She (like her brother Count Caldwell) was a marvelous story-teller.

Pearl Estelle Caldwell - Springer, New Mexico (date unknown)


Sisters Pearl and Minnie enjoyed the Taylor Springs party

Pearl was a very social and sociable young lady.  She went to and hosted many parties.  Pearl told me that there was a Halloween Party in the Caldwell home one Halloween, and Minnie came down with the measles.  Drat it!  Minnie really really wanted to attend the party, held in her own home, for goodness sake.  Pearl darkened the measles spots (I suppose with a charcoal eyebrow pencil – never thought to ask) and Minnie wore a long dress and apron with her hair tied up in a bandana and came down the stairs as Aunt Jemima.

Where there’s a will there’s a way, I suppose.  Wonder if any of the guests later had the measles??


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