I should probably alphabetize . . .

Another project in the wings!

Willie Nelson, William Saffire, and Annie Dillard

books books books

books books BOOKS

2 thoughts on “I should probably alphabetize . . .

  1. Hope, I’m worn out even thinking about your alphabetizing endeavor! With all those books, it sounds like a much simpler plan to leave them as they are after all this time. I am so totally astonished, although impressed, at the number of books you have. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Pees Library.

  2. I spent forever looking for a particular book yesterday.

    Yes, the Disorganized Gal is going to alphabetize (by subject matter: biographies, religion, research, classics, history, non-fiction, ‘serious’ fiction, ‘light’ fiction, western, photography, movies, poetry – and a hodge-podge of essays, critical writings, etc. – as it is – it is ALL hodge-podge and I can’t find a dadblame thing when I want to lay my hands on it).

    Shame on me I figure it will take me a good two weeks – working around other things that occur in my life – and working around the mound of books that will be all over the floor as I sort.

    Gad! After listing all I must do to get this library in order, I may just sit down and read a book – and think about it another day!

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