“I remember nothing”

I’m laughing throughout Nora Ephron’s I Remember Nothing – although some her stories ring a little too true and are probably not to laugh at.

The other night I met a man who informed me that he had a neurological disorder and couldn’t remember the faces of people he’d met.  he said that sometimes he looked at himself in a mirror and had no idea whom he was looking at.  I don’t mean to minimize this man’s ailment, which I’m sure is a bona fide syndrome with a long name that’s capitalized, but all I could think was, Welcome to my world.  A couple of years ago, the actor Ryon O’Neal confessed that he’d recently failed to recognize his own daughter, Tatum, at a funeral and had accidentally made a pass at her.  everyone was judgmental about this, but not me.  A month earlier, I’d found myself in a mall in las Vegas when I saw a very pleasant-looking woman coming toward me, smiling, her arms outstretched, and I thought, Who is this woman?  Where do I know her from?  Then she spoke and I realized it was my sister Amy.

You might think, Well, how was she to know her sister would be in Las Vegas?  I’m sorry to report that only did I know, but she was the person I was meeting in the mall.

All this makes me feel sad, and wistful, but mostly it makes me feel old.  I have many symptoms of old age, aside from the physical.  I occasionally repeat myself.  I use the expression, “When I was young.”  Often I don’t get the joke, although I pretend that I do.  If I go see a play or a movie for the second time, it’s as if I didn’t see it at all the first time, even if the first time was just recently.  I have no idea who anyone in People magazine is.


2 thoughts on ““I remember nothing”

  1. I don’t know anyone in People magazine either, but I attribute that to my own good taste. And to not watching much television. :-)

    Thanks for posting about the book. It sounds like something I need to read.

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