fly me to the moon

Julie London was born Julie Peck in Santa Rosa California on September 26, 1926. She sang as a teenager in a band on the West Coast, prior to her first film appearance. She attended Hollywood Professional High School and graduated in 1944. She was discovered by talent agent Sue Carol (the wife of actor Alan Ladd) while an elevator operator. She appeared in her first film, Nabonga, in 1944. Her first public professional singing performance was at the 881 Club.

Julie’s first recording was a 45 single “Cry Me a River” written by former high school classmate Arthur Hamilton. Another former classmate was disc-jockey Jack Wagner of KHJ in Hollywood. Jack was very impressed with Julie’s sultry looks as a high school student and equally impressed with her singing talent. He, as much as anyone, helped tremendously to promote her albums. Jack wrote the liner notes for Julie’s 1957 album “About the Blues” (Liberty 3043). Julie was married to Jack Webb, star of the “Dragnet” TV series who also was the producer of “Pete Kelly’s Blues” in which Julie appeared in 1955. She later married Bobby Troup who helped to sign her to the then new “Liberty” label. She made over 30 albums.


4 thoughts on “fly me to the moon

  1. Thanks for sharing. I had a high school crush on Julie London, and am glad that MP3 files can be bought from her large library of work. She personified style, and sort of a vamp, too! Did find it great that Susan Boyle selected “Cry Me A River” and was surprised to hear her interpretation. We are inspired and molded by the art we select and love. I am never ashamed of loving Julie London’s work.

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