a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

at Walnut Creek Branch.

Won’t be long until the beautiful park and river walk is finished!  How nice it will be!!

The Walnut Branch Hike and Bike Trail Project is a combined effort between the City of Seguin and Jacob, Carter and Burgess, Inc. to revitalize a portion of Walnut Branch Creek for community betterment, tourism and the stimulation of commercial development. The Walnut Branch Hike and Bike Trail project consists of the development and implementation of a community-based amenities master plan for an approximately 2.5 mile stretch of Walnut Branch Creek.

Excerpt from the Master Plan:

The vehicular bridge treatments should include two enhancements, one on the pedestrian level and the other on the vehicular level.  At street level, these bridges will be enhanced by having a vertical, sculptural element that is visible to passing vehicles to delineate that they are passing over the Branch.  At the trail level below, the bridges will be enhanced with the addition of stone veneer to create a pedestrian scale “gateway” as the users pass into and out of the “natural” and “downtown” sections of the Branch.   The pedestrian “gateways” should draw on the architecture of the older sections of the bridges at Nolte Street and Court Street, both of which have a parabolic arch form.  The arches occur at each location on only one side of the bridge; it appears that the arch was not continued when the bridges were widened to accommodate modern traffic.  Ways to express that arch more completely at each location and to introduce it at the rather plain South Austin Street crossing should be explored.   One option would be to construct an arched frame of expanded metal mesh and encourage the growth of vines on the mesh. Pedestrian Bridges The proposed pedestrian bridges are span bridges, which connect the top of bank on the east to the top of bank on the west, and will be located out of the floodway.  The bridge locations were selected based on available land, location within the project, location within the community, and the connectivity of elements.  Between 6’-8’ wide, the bridges will provide enough room for passing and gathering on the bridge, but not enough room for a vehicle to drive across.  The bridges could be pre-manufactured to save on cost, but should be tastefully designed to fit with the surroundings.

“We’re at that really fun stage of this project where we’re putting the final touches on it,” said Mary Jo Filip, director of the city’s Main Street Program who also works with the Walnut Branch Committee.

Source: Bob Thaxton article in the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise


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