rich boy

On the book jacket:

Rich Boy {by Sharon Pomerantz} is a compelling American story of desire and grace.  Robert Vishniak is irresistible and true.  I started reading the novel and could not stop.” – Min Jin Lee, author of Free Food for Millionaires

From the book:

“I was up at City College yesterday.  So much energy.  And everybody works and goes to school.  It’s a place to regroup and prepare for my big moment.”

“Your big moment?”

“When I show up everyone and become a huge success,” Barry said.  ‘On my own terms.  I got some ideas, and I do have one big advantage over you, you know.  People underestimate me.”

“Yeah, clearly my reputation for competency has paved the way for all this,” Robert said, gesturing around the room.

“Anyway, this was the right move.  Manhattan is my place.  Filthy, broke, corrupt, yes, but does anyplace reward elbow grease and a little ingenuity more than this one?” Barry asked.  “And somebody has to look after you.  I swear, Robert, your scare small children.”  He cut Robert another piece of cake.  “Another piece won’t hurt you.”  He scooped out the cake with a spatula, holding it out for Robert to take.  Barry’s large brown eyes pleaded with his brother to eat.  “Think about how good life can be sometimes,” he said.  “It can be, you know?  It really can be.”  And Robert took the sticky piece of cake in his hand and placed it on his plate.


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