quote of the day

Alice Finch Lee, speaking to an interview about her sister Nelle Harper Lee:

We are not very much alike, except we are both old.  We both love to read.  Nelle Harper loves British literature; I’ve stuck more with American.  More biography and history.  It is so intriguing in biography to put things together.

I would love to read a biography of Alice Finch Lee, a woman who blazed the trail for other women.

Each year, the Alabama-West Florida Conference Commission on the Status and Role of Women honors a woman who has been a bridge builder and barrier breaker toward the full and equitable participation of women in the life of both the church and community by presenting the Alice Lee Award.

The Commission on the Status and Role of Women (COSROW) of the Alabama – West Florida Conference annually presents the Alice Lee Award at Annual Conference. The coveted award is named for outstanding Monroeville attorney and church leader Alice Lee.  Miss Lee was the first woman to chair the conference delegation to General Conference and is to date the only woman to do so. The award was established to help promote COSROW’s primary purpose of “challenging the church to a continuing commitment to the full and equal responsibility and participation of women in the total life and mission of the church, sharing fully in the power and in the policy making at all levels of the Church life.”


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